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Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024



Clinician is a professional nurse who is an expert in the care of a specified patient population/subspecialty area. The clinician assumes a leadership role and supervisory responsibilities in the development, organization, and implementation of care services for the specified patient population.


Provides direct care to patients within accepted framework of nursing standards/practice: Assessment Performs and/or completes history, and physical; consults with attending; with guidance interprets data, effects, and patient response. Implementation performs specific procedures directed to patient care; Interprets protocols, calculates drug dosages, and modifies according to protocol. Evaluation documents, treatment, response, status, changes in health status; communicates to physician; assists in evaluating the further plans of care, collaborating with all members of the specified team as well as with other interdisciplinary team members.

Provides psychological assessment and emotional support to patients and families. Makes appropriate referrals to ancillary services. Consults and collaborates with other health professionals to meet learning needs of patients/families. Designs, implements, and evaluates comprehensive teaching plans; routinely reinforces teaching plans.

Provides planned orientation and in-service education for nursing staff, and house staff. Develops healthcare protocols, procedures, and forms as appropriate to improve and standardize care; request documentation regarding patient's demographics is up-to-date, request specialty clinic appointment when needed. Acts as a consultant arid resource person to all members of the interdisciplinary team, outside agencies and others as needed. Develops, assists with, and interprets new or revised policies/procedures, guidelines related to the care of patients: Assesses availability of and makes recommendations for equipment and supplies.

Shares new knowledge, theories, research, and modes of practice with nursing, medical and ancillary staff. Demonstrates cost-effectiveness and time efficiency for both patient/families and clinic resources. Demonstrates expertise in managing subspecialty care services as evidence by expertly planned, implemented, evaluated, documented, and performed by the appropriate level of practitioner. Demonstrates understanding of systems. and data regarding ,resource .utilization and allocation (contractual obligations, third party reimbursements and payment)

Serves as a liaison between subspecialty team, CHS departments and local health departments (community organizations, schools of nursing, and other agencies whose services or policies impact on-the care of subspecialty groups) Performs. on-going performance, improvement activities at least quarterly. Continually evaluates internal, resources, which impact on care provisions to patient groups. Describes any gaps which adversely affect care to appropriate management staff, other suggestions, for improvement and institutes plan. Attends relevant training, continuing education, and workshops to maintain licensure, build knowledge base and educate parents and caregivers.

Salary Range: $56,788.16 - $70,000.


Bachelor's degree in Nursing and three (3) years of related experience required. Work experience may NOT substitute for education requirement. Currently licensed or eligible to be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) by the Alabama Board of Nursing required.

Preferred Skills:

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Organizational skills to prioritize workload and meet deadlines

Primary Location

: University

Job Category

: Nursing Careers-Advanced Nursing


: 390001010 Sparks Center for Development & Learning Disorders

Employee Status

: Regular
Shift: Day/1st Shift
Work Arrangement (final schedule to be determined by the department/hiring manager): Onsite