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University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2024



University of Alabama at Birmingham

Under general supervision, this position facilitates behavioral health screenings, risk/needs assessments, and case management to individuals that are involved in the justice system. This position will assist participants in navigation of the necessary therapeutic referrals and their involvement with the justice system, in order to increase a participant’s overall behavioral health and reduce the likelihood of justice recidivism.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Facilitates nationally recognized evidence-based risk assessments and stated certified mental health/substance misuse screening instruments, during participant intakes and as required via best practice.
  • Develops individualized care plans based on the outcomes of assessments/screeners, as well as ongoing updates based on participant communication and individual progress.
  • Assists participants with navigation of the referrals based on the individualized care plans, as well as updating individual referrals as needed.
  • Documentation of the navigation and progress are to be housed in a clinical record.
  • Serves as a liaison with other organizations that are related to referrals regarding a participant’s individualized care plan, including substance misuse/mental health treatment providers, ancillary referrals, and advocacy for justice related matters.
  • To provide comprehensive case management, support, and advocacy to individuals possessing low to moderate risk/needs scores for criminogenic behavior/cognition.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of individuals and families affected by the history of maladaptive behaviors and cognition, as well as some substance abuse and mental illness.
  • To administer comprehensive, evidence-based screening and assessment to identify behavioral health needs and other risk factors that may require further intervention.
  • To develop individualized plans of care that address medical and psychological needs, housing, vocational/educational needs, transportation, substance abuse and social support needs.
  • To provide case plan monitoring and on-going support through the recovery process and coordinate discharge planning through the development of aftercare discharge plans and linkage with community resources and other services to meet on-going needs
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Work Characteristics

Familiarity with data entry, criminal justice populations, mental health issues, and exposure to risk/needs assessments.

Hourly Range $19.80-$32.15



  • Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Community Health and Human Services or a related field required.
  • Work experience may NOT substitute for education requirement.
  • ORAS Risk/Needs/Responsivity Assessment Certification (National/State required) for community supervision/case management or VPRAI-R Pretrial Risk Assessment (National/State required) for evaluating individuals level of risk for community supervision/case management

Primary Location

: University

Job Category

: Professional & Managerial


: 311702100 Psych-Substance Abuse

Employee Status

: Regular
Shift: Day/1st Shift
Work Arrangement (final schedule to be determined by the department/hiring manager): Onsite